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About Tirupati:

In India, Tirupati is the most famous devotional place to visit. It is the major pilgrimage city. Tirupati is Located in Chittoor District. Tirupati is the city, which is the seventh biggest city in Andhra Pradesh. Coming to the geographical locations of Tirupati, it is located at the foothills of Eastern Ghats.

550 kilometers – South of Hyderabad

250 kilometers – East of Bangalore

150 kilometers – North of Chennai

The most addicted and peaceful place in Tirupati is Venkateswara Swamy Temple. This is dedicated to the God of Venkateswara. The temple is situated at a distance of 10 kilometers from North West of Tirupati at an elevation of 853 Meters. The wonderful fact about the Tirupati temple is, it is busiest pilgrimage center in India, and also in the World. To see Lord Venkateswara so many people come across the world. Records say that nearly 50,000 to 100000 crowds come to the temple on daily basis. By considering the records we can estimate, annually 40 million people are visiting Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam. There are so many beautiful and famous items in Tirupati. They are Handicrafts, Various publications from Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, Idols and Gift Items, and devotional CDs and DVDs. Tirupati is also a major economic and educational hub in the southern region of the state.

About Tirumala:

Venkateswara Swami Temple is the adorable, respectable and registered as a famous magical place in Tirupati.  There are three places in which various temples are located.


  1. Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple
  2. Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy Temple
  3. Sri Bedi Anjaneya Swamy Temple


  • Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple


  1. Sri Govindarajaswami Temple
  2. Srivari Padalamandapam Temple
  3. Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy Temple
  4. Sri Vinayaka Swamy Temple
  5. Sri Kapliswaraswamy Temple
  6. Sri Kodandarama Swamy Temple

The Tirupati Temple is mainly placed on seven hills. In Sanskrit, they were called as “Sapthagiri.” They are as follows.

Vrushabhadri – states the hill of Nandi

Anjanadri – states the hill of Hanuman

 Neeladri – Stats the hill of Neela Devi

 Garudadri –States the hill of Garuda

Seshadri – States the hill of Sesha

 Narayanadri – States the hill of Narayana

Venkatdri – It is the hill of Lord Venkateswara